Body Art: Step by Step



Airbrushed Body Art is fantasy artwork, applied to the body with an airbrush using stencils and color blending. Airbrushed Body Art is fun, fast, and easy to remove and airbrushes clean up easy with alcohol.


Before getting started…


When choosing an airbrush for your body art, there are several items to think about.


What is the airbrush constructed of? Consider the material it is made of; make sure it is a high quality material that will last a long time. Do your homework on this! Why invest the money if it will need to replaced next year? Does the airbrush have a warranty? If the company doesn’t stand behind its product, why should you? Most importantly, is the airbrush recommended for use with body art paint? We recommend the Iwata Eclipse B airbrush for use with Medea BODY-OF-ART colors.


If you already own an airbrush system, there is no need to purchase any new equipment other than the airbrush and correct air hose. Compressors are universal and most hoses will fit most compressors. However most air hoses fit only that manufacturers brand of airbrush (Iwata air hoses fit only Iwata airbrushes), so be sure to purchase the hose at the same time you purchase the airbrush. Once you have the equipment there is nothing left to do but have fun with it!


THE APPLICATION BASICS: WARNING – When working on the skin it is recommended that Body-Art Colors should only be airbrushed at 20 p.s.i. or less.


  1.You first want to select the Medea Body-of-Art colors and stencils. With all the different designs out there this will be your biggest challenge. Consider the size of design wanted and which colors are needed to complete that design. Lay all of these out before you start.
2. Next cleanse the area to be painted with 70% Isopropyl alcohol. After the skin has dried, apply the self-adhesive stencil to the skin.

3. NOTE: To remove the backing from the self-adhesive stencil, bend a corner of the stencil to release the backing.

  4.  Now get ready to airbrush. When airbrushing Body-of-Art colors be sure that your compressor is set to operate at no more than 20 p.s.i. Airbrush the color by using light misting strokes gradually building up the color in the process. Airbrushing the color on too quickly may cause the colors to run and in some cases bleed underneath the stencil.
  5. Spray a base coat over the stencil. Using white as a base will make the additional colors appear brighter and more vibrant.
6. Next, spray from the lightest color to the darkest. Lightly overlapping the colors produces a beautiful color fade.
Changing the colour is easy; just use Medea Airbrush Cleaner to spray out any remaining paint in the gun. Using the lightest colour first makes your airbrush easier to clean. Never mix water with alcohol based paint. Water will coagulate with the paints and they will become gummy.
7. Nowfinish with a light coat of Medea Setting Powder.
8. The finished design looks great and is not permanent! It can last from 3 to 5 days and can easily be removed with 70% isopropyl alcohol.

Reprinted with permission of Medea Beauty