Body Art Basics



• Professional, highly realistic “tattoo” look used in Hollywood for over 15 years, now available for salon use.
• Choose a tattoo design and color scheme.
• Apply the tattoo to skin with alcohol pad. 
• Once dry, hand-paint on the colors.
• Dust with finishing powder and WHAMMO, you’re ready and so is your attitude!
• Lasts for days!  Easily applied and removed.
• Achieve professional results with high profits the fun, safe and easy way!
• Waterproof!


Application Basics:

1. Choose a tattoo design outline and color scheme.

2. Clean the skin area using a cotton pad dampened with 70% Isopropyl alcohol.

3. While the skin is still damp with alcohol, apply the tattoo design, ink side down to clean skin.  Keep tattoo transfer sheet wet with alcohol and gently pat down design using a combination of the alcohol pad and forefinger to transfer the ink onto the skin.  Remove the backing paper, leaving the design outline on the skin.

4. Once dry, use Medea Setting Powder to set the design outline.  Using a small paintbrush, paint on the colors into the design.

5. Finish with Medea Setting Powder and WHAMMO, you’re ready and so is your attitude!


Caring for Temporary Tattoos:

1. Following these steps will prolong the life of your Body-Art or Temporary Tattoo.

2. Use Medea Finishing Powder before bedtime and the first thing in the morning.  Also, apply powders before and after showers. Powder...powder...powder whenever possible.

3. Avoid contacting painted area with oils, lotions, or conditioners.  Also avoid using soaps or oils on or near the painted area.

4. When washing hair, rinse away from painted area so that shampoo or conditioner residue won’t cascade over the design.

5. Provide Medea “Taking care of your Body-Art cards” to your customers.


Selling Temporary Tattoo Services:

1. Advertise your service in the salon with signs and Medea Body-Art Poster.

2. Have personnel in the salon wear Temporary Tattoos at work as examples.

3. Give your clients a free tattoo or a special discount on their first Temporary Tattoo to get them started.

4. Provide a card with a buy 12 get one free offer.

5. Have existing clients schedule a retouch appointment.

6. Participate as a guest artist at your clients’ parties. 


Reprinted with permission of Medea Beauty