Quick Disconnect How-To Part# I 160 3



The quick disconnect (QD) system allows a single airhose to serve multiple airbrushes. Airbrushes equipped with adaptors allow quick changes without the loss of air pressure in the air system.


• Quick Disconnect (QD) Set (2 pieces) Part# I 160 3

• Hose Joint

• Airbrush Adaptor

• Iwata Airbrush

• Iwata Airhose


1.Screw the QD Hose Joint onto the airhose.

2. Screw the QD Airbrush Adapter onto the airbrush.

3. Attach the airbrush to the airhose. Just push; it will "click" into place.


4. Release the airbrush from the airhose by pulling back on the Hose Joint sleeve.

5. If you're using the Pistol Grip Moisture Filter Part# FA450 then attach it between the airhose and the QD Hose Joint.


Addition Information

Additional Airbrush Adaptors really allow this system to work smoothly.
They can be purchased separately as Part# I 160 4
If you need to attach the QD Hose Joint to a non-Iwata hose then the appropriate adapter connection is required.
If you need to attach non-Iwata airbrush to the QD Airbrush Adapter then you'll also need the appropriate adapter connection.