Frequently asked Questions about about Medea Body-Art


Q:  How long does a Temporary Tattoo last? 

A:  Up to five days depending on the skin type, how well you take care of it, and where the tattoo is applied on the body.


Q:  What do I have to do to take care of my Tattoo? 

A:  Apply Medea Setting Powder as many times a day as possible and avoid Lotions, Oils, and Soaps on or near the Tattooed area.


Q:   Can I use any Powder? 
A:  Best results are achieved when using only Medea Setting Powder, because many powders contain Mineral Oil, emollients, and/or perfumes.   All of these things will cause the colors to fade faster.  Medea Setting Powder comes in a 2oz size that is ideal for retail sales to salon tattoo customers.


Q:  What is in the Paint? 

A:  Hand painted Tattoos begin with a Black or Henna Brown Ink Outline on a Transfer Sheet.  Once transferred to the skin they are colored in with FDA approved Alcohol Based Make-up paints.


Q:  What about the Airbrush Paint?

A:  Medea Airbrush Body-Art Paints are also a FDA approved Alcohol based Make-up, formulated with a thinner consistency for spraying through the Airbrush. 


Q:   Can I useNail-Art Paint for body or Body-Art Paints for nails? 

A:   No.  Nail-Art paint is a water base formulation that cleans off of the skin quickly.  Body paint is a semi permanent Alcohol based Make-up for use on the skin.


Q:  Which body paint lasts longer?  Airbrush or Hand paint? 

A:  Both paints wear comparably.  How well a design lasts depends on the customer’s skin type, where it is applied on the body, and how well they take care of their Tattoo. (See “Business Handbook” under “Caring for Body-Art” section.


Q:   What is the correct way to clean Body-Art paint out of the airbrush?  

A:  Body-Art paint should be cleaned out of the airbrush with Airbrush Cleaner ONLY.  IMPORTANT: Do not clean out with water.  Spray cleaner through airbrush and clean out paint cup with a clean sable brush.  Avoid cleaning with cotton swabs, as the fibers may become lodged in the nozzle.


Q:    Can I use my Nail Airbrush to do Body-Art? 

A:   To get started you could use your Nail-Art Airbrush, however you would eventually want to purchase the Eclipse Body-Art Brush for convenience and enhanced performance.   The wider spray pattern covers the larger area much faster and easier than the Nail-Art Brush.  Also, because of the wider nozzle, clogging the eclipse is virtually impossible.  The Professional Add on system is perfect for those who already own equipment, and are looking to add Body-Art to their salon menu.   It is the most economical way to get all of the products needed to get started, including the Eclipse Airbrush. 


Q:  Can a Temporary Tattoo be touched up after it starts to fade? 

A:  Airbrushed and hand painted body art may be easily touched up for extended wear.


Reprinted with permission of Medea Beauty