There is more to colour than just polish!


The complete Medea Nail Art System offers you a choice of two precision Iwata Airbrushes, along with all of the necessary equipment and accessories to get you on your way to increased income and fun!  The Iwata HP-A and Iwata HP-B airbrushes featured in Medea’s Professional Nail Art Systems reflect the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality.


The Medea Nail Art business guide offers sound advice on how to increase your income $5 - $25 per customer using the same time you might normally spend applying traditional nail polish.  With these new skills, you will quickly pay for your Medea Nail Art System and be on your way to thousands of dollars, of extra per year, in increased profits.

Benefits of using Airbrushed Colors:

1. Airbrushed Color provides a very thin color application.


2. Airbrushed Colors provide a significantly reduced drying time.


3. Airbrushed Colors can be easily custom blended.


4. Detailed designs can be achieved quickly no matter what your artistic abilities.


Selling Airbrushed Nail Art Services:

1. Wear your own Nail Art.  You are your own best advertisement.


2. Display your Airbrushed artwork at your station or waiting area in your salon.


3. List Airbrushing in your telephone advertising as well as on your business cards.


4. Promote your new Airbrush service by offering it at a discount during the holidays.


5. Always carry photos of your Airbrushed artwork with you to show potential new customers.


6. Give plenty of your business cards to current clients for referrals.


7. Provide punch cards for frequent airbrush customers. Example: Buy 5 and get the 6th one FREE!


Application Basics:

1. Apply Medea Pink Opal Base Coat to manicured nails.


2. Choose a design and colors to be used.


3. Spray a light, dry mist to the nails.  Layer colors and design patterns using Medea’s Design Wheels, Nail Masters, or Pre-Cut Masks.


4. Once the color and design application is complete, lightly mist Medea’s Nail Art Varnish over all nails being careful not to apply it too wet.


5. Apply a generous coat of Medea’s Wet Glaze Top Coat onto the nail to seal the color.  We recommend 2 coats for maximum retention.


6. After the Wet Glaze Top Coat is dry, clean the Nail Art color off the skin using Medea’s Airbrush Cleaner as follows:


a. Using Medea’s Airbrush Cleaner in the pump bottle, spray cleaner onto the cuticle area.  It will not harm the sealed Nail Art Colors.


b. Rub fingers under warm tap water to clean the skin from color.  Repeat process if necessary.


c. Carefully pat dry.


Optional Note:
Applying an additional coating of any UV Cured Top Coat will add to the retention of the airbrushed Nail Designs, making it as durable as any traditional Nail Polish or other forms of Nail Art.


Caring for Nail Art:

Medea recommends that clients purchase extra Medea Wet Glaze Top Coat and apply at home every 2-3 days for extra long wear.


Reprinted with permission of Medea Beauty