The Tiger-Print Nail


Begin with freshly filled or manicured, sanitised nail.  Do not to use cuticle oil prior to applying airbrush art. Apply a thin coat of airbrush base coat on fingernails, making sure all edges are covered. Let it completely dry before you begin to spray. Approx. 2-3 minutes under a fan or similar drying  device will do.

The design begins with putting a few drops of orange in your airbrush and randomly spraying a few dots. (approximately 4)  Flush out your airbrush and run cleaner and or water through it. This will keep colors true. Repeat this procedure with every color change.
Following the same procedure as defined in the paragraph above, randomly airbrush approximately 4 dots of green on your nail.
Finish the background by spraying dots of magenta so your nail is completely covered with airbrush paint. If the length of the nail does not allow for this many colors or dots, omit one.

Stencil application: This step is completed by, spraying black paint and using stencil #864 or a similar animal print stencil. When using a stencil that is much larger than the nail, as this one is, concentrate on spraying half (either the bottom or the top) of the nail, then gently rocking the stencil and finish spraying the other half. Hold your stencil firmly and spray black directly down onto it. If you direct your spray at an angle you may inadvertently spray paint under the edges of the stencil, creating a fuzzy edge. The paint is fragile and can scratch, so don’t slide your stencil around on the nail to relocate it.

When you are finished, gently lift the stencil off the nail. Spray a light coat of varnish, (See instructions) followed by 2 coats of recommended topcoat. (See instructions)

Reprinted with permission of Medea Beauty