MG.6C - AI Multimortar Texture Hopper Gun


AI Multimortar Texture Hopper Gun

The MG.6B multi purpose spray gun has 13 kinds of standard nozzles.
With three air nozzles and 10 fluid nozzles to choose from, this spray gun is ideal for spraying a wide range of materials, such as texture, mortar, stucco and plaster. This also allows spraying of materials with small to coarse particles and materials of high or low viscosity.
Sprays mortar, texture, stucco and plaster.


Part No. Fluid Nozzle Size [mm] Air Nozzle Size [mm] Material Capacity [litre] Bowl Type Operating Air Pressure [bar] Air Consuption [l/min] Spray Direction Weight [g]
MG.6C 3.8/ 4.5/ 6.0/ 8.0 1.8 3 Metal 1-3 76-280 Fixed 720