LPH400 HVLP Spray Gun


LPH400 HVLP Spray Gun, complete with 600ml Pot

High performance centre post gravity feed HVLP spray gun with low air consumption and superior atomization utilizing our LV technology and our tulip inspired spray pattern.

The gravity feed designs provides for easy clean up and reduces material waste.

Suitable for both solvent and waterbourne paints, the LPH400 is lightweight, reducing operator fatigue without compromising on performance.


Part No. Fluid Nozzle Size [mm] Air Pressure@ Gun Inlet [bar] Air Consumption [l/min] Fluid Output [ml/min] Fan Pattern [mm] Cap # Pot type / size Capacity [ml]
LPH400124C 1.2 1.1 270 90 260 LV4 PCG.6PM
LPH400134C 1.3 1.1 270 110 280 LV4 PCG.6PM
LPH400144C 1.4 1.1 270 130 290 LV4 PCG.6PM
LPH400164C 1.6 1.1 270 150 270 LV4 PCG.6PM
LPH400184C 1.8 1.1 270 190 320 LV4 PCG.6PM

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