AI Diaphragm Pump Drum Mount


AI Diaphragm Pump Drum Mount

The DPS double diaphragm pumps are designed for superior paint application. The double air valve, together with PR5 paint regulator promotes high precision paint delivery.

The dual air regulator set gives accurate air control for both the pump and the spray gun.

The new high capacity outlet fluid filter (100 mesh) compliments the 50 mesh inlet filter to ensure trouble free spraying at all times.

 Special attention has been given to the fluid process, with a mirror finish inside requiring less solvent and shorter time for cleaning.

Safety is also important, and the DPS pumps include two air safety systems to protect the operator.

The drum mount pump is supplied with fixed suction and return hoses. The drum lid has a removable cover for paint refill, also ensuring that the paint is kept clean and protected in the drum.

Drum mount pumps can also be fitted with an optional air operated paint agitator (Model No. AMM.721)


Part No. Made from [material] Lid Type Suits Capacity [ml] Ratio Max. Working Pressure [bar] Normal Fluid Output [l/min] Max. Fluid Output (no regulator) [l/min] Air In Fluid In Fluid Out
DPS.902G 7 1.5 1/4" 3/8"
DPS.1202C 7 4.5 1/4" 3/8"