Anest Iwata IR Drying Unit


Anest Iwata is pleased to announce the launch of a new Infra product to compliment the existing excellent range. The new 1.5Kw 750mm cassette is ideal for drying sills, bumpers and lower area of the vehicle due its new fixing bracket which also swivels. 

New swivel joint makes the repair process nice and easy

- Dimensions: 750mm x 140mm x 85mm
- Electrical Specification, 220/240.
- Volts: 1.5Kw
- Single Phase.

- New 750mm cassette head is perfect for longer areas, including sills and bumpers.

- The new swivel joint and locking devise means you can now adjust to any angle required. Great for drying windscreen pillars and back of top quarters. 

- No handle on the back makes the 1.5KW infra red easy to lower to the floor to dry those difficult hard to reach areas.


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