VT040 - Book Ultimate Airbrush Handbook Pamela Shanteau


The Ultimate Airbrush Handbook
By Pamela Shanteau

The Ultimate Airbrush Handbook covers every imaginable airbrush application and presents basic information on equipment and mediums, airbrush operation, essential exercises, studio setup and how to develop original source material – all in an easy-to-understand style and format accessible even to beginners. Also featured are special demonstrations by such airbrush luminaries as A.D. Cook, Sheri Hoeger, Kirk “The Dashing Duffer” Lybecker, Andrea Mistretta, Mark Rush and Richard Sturdevant. Experienced airbrushers who have – or who want to start – their own businesses will appreciate the wealth of tips, trips and techniques that are revealed throughout.

The work of Pamela Shanteau encompasses a wide range of applications that includes fantasy and science-fiction art, commercial illustration, automotive embellishment and body art. She teaches workshops at her studio and throughout the United States, has published how-to articles in many trade magazines and is a member of the advisory board of the American Airbrush Association.

Book Ultimate Airbrush Handbook Pamela Shanteau


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